Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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I smiled to myself. I wanted to go outside, hug her and tell her that I wanted to talk whenever she was ready but I had another email from Jerry, my buddy in the City, Kait’s Uncle, that I opened first. Jerry wanted to know if I was still heading up there on Thursday and if his Niece would be coming too.

Ashleigh gave Sharon a quick peck on the lips then went out to her car.

Covered in saliva, I push the first large bulbous bead inside you, gently pumping the vibrator as your fingers work your clit. You scream as it enters, as I work it through the entrance to your asshole until it disappears. You are panting hard. I pour more KY into your hole, and ease in the next bead, then the next. I feel you shake, and a muffled scream as you come again. 'One more to go, darling,' I say. This one I have to force a little, and I feel your whole body flex beneath me. Then you relax, and I turn the beads slowly. Now the room is full of the smells of come, pussy and ass, and the sound of your fingers whirring in the soft wet folds of your pussy.

"Jesus, honey. You haven't given me road head in so long. I'm going to have to get caught whackin' off more often," I said with a big grin on my grill as I enjoyed her slurping my manhood all the way to the Winchester Road exit.

"Reallllly, Mrs. H? Cool. I always wondered if Mr. H had it in him. Kimmy is always too shy to 'fess up."

Seated at the far end of the bar, four empty glasses and two recently filled ones in front of them, Adam finally opened up.

My brain stops functioning. Why bother with calculations? My mouth has been wide open since I flung apart his robe, so I simply lean forward and wrap my lips around Brad’s swollen mushroom tip.

"I suspect that was not paramount in his mind, either. I bet he was thinking of the little blonde pest that followed him around everywhere." Eowyn's face registered shock at the extent of Siobhan's knowledge, but the woman just laughed. "Remember that his anger is grounded in love, Eowyn, and think on him next time you make such a decision."

I don’t what time it was when I woke, it was still dark. My arm was over Chris’ body, my hand cupping her breast, her buttocks nestled in against my groin area. I let my fingers trail across her nipple and felt it stiffen under my touch. I gently squeezed her nipple and heard her softly moan in her sleep. My erection stirred into awakening, it’s full length extended, I let it slip into the folds of her pussy lips. In her sleep, her thighs moved apart to allow me access to her opening. I pushed my cock head against her cunt lips, she still had cum trickling from her from our earlier activities, and I slid into her depths easily.

"Pleased to meet you," Sarah said, grasping Tina's hand and holding it for a bit longer than necessary.

Blood singing in my head, head rolling with ecstasy, I can barely keep my eyes focused on myself as I wrap my left hand roughly around the head, spreading my own boy-juices down the shaft as I do so, and a delicious glory rising up from my asshole, my heavy balls, up into my chest and into my head, and it comes out of my mouth with a loud groan. This silicone cock fills me up so well, and the wet, wicked noises coming from my ass and slick cock are so loud now, that I can almost not hear the ringing in my head, or my own gasps and rising groans, or feel my spasming, tremoring, sweat-wet body reacting to all this pleasure.

"Tim, are you listening to me?"

Peter started talking again, but more to Tony than to me. "Now, Tony, I am going to give you the treat of a lifetime. I want you to watch what I am doing and then I want you to tell us what you see, in every detail". Tony just nodded his head, half paying attention, as every nerve in his body was centered on the sucking on his cock. He could hear the slurping sounds of my mouth, as my wetness covered his cock and dripped over onto his balls.

"Nice to meet you too Carl." She returned.

"Your mother tells me you have a problem. I hope I can help." Her hand felt like velvet as it wrapped around my dick and began stroking it.

I took a close up as I rubbed her clit and she moaned real loud and scared the shit out of me! I cut the camera off and set up the tripod so that I would get all of the action when I fucked her. I turned it back on and climbed on the bed and took her ankles in my hands and spread her legs wide and dropped my mouth to that warm, sweet pussy. I licked around the outside and then parted her lips and nibbled on her clit and she moaned again and then I slid my tongue inside and began eating her. Her pussy tasted so fucking sweet and I lost myself in eating her. I slipped a finger in with my tongue and I ate and fingered her and her juices flowed over my tongue and I swallowed them all.

I won on Bill's deal, and a few comments about luck were dropped. Of course, I was not the one trying to fill inside straights, and going for flushes with 3 hearts.

"Innocence isn't a normal women, are you love? It will be much more like the normal fuck scenes you prefer doing, Morning sweetheart. Don't be so awkward."